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Growing-up Soccer; GUS!

Oneonta, NY - 2010 - Say hello to "Growing up Soccer© [GUS]." It's a "free play" activity based program presented through our interactive website at: The most basic of goals for "Growing up Soccer" is to promote fun with a soccer ball and to strengthen the bond between children and their parents through a shared activity.

GUS was created and now being strategically advanced by Colone Associates [ ] and with our design partners at Visible Motion [ ], we are steadily advancing this new and exciting program.

There are eligibility requirements in being part of "Growing up Soccer:" For players: you have spend as much or more time everyday with your soccer ball as you do looking at a screen; that you play soccer for the pure enjoyment; that you regularly touch a soccer ball in the backyard or at the playground, either on your own or in small-sided games with friends and neighbors; and that you ask your mom, dad or both to take you to watch high quality soccer matches; high school, college, amateur club and professional; especially professional.

The eligibility requirement for parents is threefold: to take the time to provide positive reinforcement for the sport and for your child's active participation. This can be achieved by understanding as much about soccer as you can, by informally evolving into a fan of the game; that you don't limit the support of your children to just soccer, but that you encourage their participation in other wholesome areas of interest, may they be in sport or in other areas; and that you become engaged and connected with "Growing up Soccer."

We are committed to a long-term evolving effort. GUS is always going to be informal, a loosely structured, low pressure route towards player and family self development, by restoring a little bit of the "sandlot" back into our culture of play. We believe GUS will become a mass accepted approach in growing personal and family development through sport activity and we that it can also help grow the overall appreciation for soccer so that soccer might become "an American sport pastime."

The commission to Visible Motion is to create a "Growing up Soccer" website that is highly interactive, educational, entertaining, informative and innovative.

Regular reports and updates on this new direction in promoting sport interest will be presented through the "Growing up Soccer" website at:

For comment, please contact Albert Colone at 607-432-4057 or via e-mail at: