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Frequently Asked Questions

Building Soccer Field Q: I have noticed a lot of soccer-related projects listed on your company's website. Is Colone Associates a soccer-exclusive management company, or do you also consult for projects related to other sports?

A: Although much of Mr. Colone's prior experience was within the sport of soccer, he has since taken his company vision and broadened it across multiple sports. While Colone Associates still actively consults on soccer-related projects as in the past, they are not limited to just one sport. In fact, Colone Associates recently worked with the Lehigh Valley Sports Commission towards establishing the Wegmans/MVP All Sport Series, an all-encompassing multi-sport program.

Q: The Colone Associates official website used to contain information regarding soccer/sports tournament programming. Does Colone Associates still actively participate in holding and managing tournaments?

A: In the late 90's and early 00's, Colone Associates was heavily involved in the promotion and operation of many successful soccer tournaments in the north-east. These included BC Kicks (Binghamton/Broome County, NY), NY/NY Summer Soccer Series (Oxford/Chenango County, NY) and Great Lehigh Valley Soccer Festival (Lehigh Valley, PA).

Currently, however, Colone Associates is no longer active in the management of tournaments, although the company has and will continue to take part in the marketing of events such as tournaments, as part of their services towards growing and sustaining sports-related projects.

That being said, Colone Associates has previously worked closely with tournament organizers, and can refer your tournament-related inquiries to those more focused in this field.

Q: People have asked, what's your secret? What does Colone Associates do differently from what our organization might do on its own?

A: They put their years of experience, solid reputation and their entire being behind everything they do for sports.

Colone Associates recognizes that nothing good comes easy, plus they have a knack of making good sports projects even better. They know what it takes, the commitment that's needed to bring about success. As you're planning your new sport facilities, they're pushing you to begin strategically looking at all the ways possible to generate the most important ongoing sustaining funds.

Q: Do you know the answers; the answers to what will it take to make soccer one of America's top spectator sports?

A: America needs a defined National Fans' Program to build, then sustain a highly interested fan base.

Q: Colone Associates treat all of its clients and projects with respect and commitment, seeing them all as something special?

A: When Colone Associates gets involved, very positive things happen. To them every project, every client's needs are different. It almost seems as though they have a formula for success in both capital development projects and in the sports programs that they manage and promote.

Whatever they're working on, they give 150% too, because to Colone Associates they are all very important to sports!